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So, here's what's up (please read the whole post!)

After putting out three EPs in our first year as a band, we're releasing monthly singles in 2016. We started with a February double whammy of Resolutions and DST, and in March we're releasing 'All She Ever Does'. We're constantly writing new music, and it feels like a great way to get the songs out there there instead of making people wait ages for for a debut full length record.

So, we started Team TGY. The basic idea is that we're asking you to help us make our vision for The Gospel Youth a reality. It's tough being in a band sometimes, and we're asking for support so that we can be more ambitious with touring, keep the music coming and help us grow into the band we want to be.

Supporting The Gospel Youth for £3 a month this year means you;
- can hear our new music before anyone else
- get downloads of our first 3 EPs
- gain our eternal gratitude for helping us create music and get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you're making a difference
- help us decide on stuff like merch designs, songs to cover, tell us where to play or even just have a chat with us
- get to read inane ramblings from us about what we're doing
- get 10% discount on merchandise

Going big on the £10 and £25 tiers means you get a bunch of awesome extras and some cool stuff from us when we stop arguing about fonts for 10mins.

Let's do this.

The Gospel Youth

What you get:


  • For £3/month, you get everything above.
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  • For £10/month, you get everything above, plus:
    An awesome gift every month

    Guest list for headline shows in your area and a promise to try and get you in to support shows if you ask really nicely**

    ** If for some reason this doesn't work out, we will make it up to you with presents
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  • For £25/month, you get everything above, plus:
    A monthly delivery that includes a second awesome gift with some mystery extras

    You pick the next song for us to cover acoustic

    Any physical music we release

    Our hearts forever
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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
The Gospel Youth
Brighton, UK
The greatest band on the planet. Sort of.


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